Analygas® Systems
A Division of InspecTech Analygas Group Inc.
450 Midwest Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M1P 3A9
Tel: 416-759-2241 Fax: 416-757-8096
Email: sales@analygas.com Web: www.analygas.com
InspecTech Analygas Group Inc.
Corporate Profile


In 1972, ANALYGAS SYSTEMS was incorporated as an Ontario company to meet the needs of the emerging industries of automobile emissions testing and environmental monitoring. In 1991, ANALYGAS amalgamated with InspecTech and Topping Electronics.

The consolidated company, named InspecTech Analygas Group Inc., is a Canadian Corporation with customers and distributors around the world.

ANALYGAS SYSTEMS specializes in supplying instruments for gas analysis and pollution control. To cover the entire spectrum of analytical techniques, ANALYGAS acts as both manufacturer and distributor.


As manufacturer, ANALYGAS produces its own line of Gas Analyzers, Detectors and Alarm Systems for a wide range of gases. As distributor, ANALYGAS supplies GfG Instrumentation portable gas measuring instruments.

ANALYGAS is particularly strong in the design of custom systems for process and ambient gas monitoring. Besides the capability and experience to provide complete environmental control and data management systems, ANALYGAS also offers calibration and repair services for gas analyzers/monitors that it sells.


ANALYGAS provides full customer service for each and every product sold. Our staff within each department, from sales, design manufacturing to repair and service, includes engineers, technologists and computer programmers.

Our professional technical staff have accumulated many years of experience in GAS ANALYSIS. With this knowledge as a base, ANALYGAS can help solve customer problems and offer practical solutions and suggestions.

ANALYGAS remains dedicated to the field of GAS ANALYSIS and is always available to answer any questions and assist in equipment selection.