Analygas Systems Model 43

Analygas® Systems Model 43 is designed for the specific detection of Carbon Dioxide.

The Model 43 can be installed in conjunction with our Model 40 or 41 multipoint units. Alternatively, it can interface with a computer or other data acquisition system.

Analygas® Systems
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  •  Highly Specific Non-dispersive Infrared Detector

  •  Rugged steel enclosure

  •  Compact

  •  4-20mA  or 0-1V Output

  •  Detection Range up to 100% Carbon Dioxide


  • Infrared Detector
  • Single Sensing Point
  • 24 VDC Input, 200mA
  • 4-20mA or 0-1V Output
  • Operating Temperature

                 -10ºC to 40ºC

                  14ºF to 104ºF


  • Carbon Dioxide  0-0.5%

  • Carbon Dioxide  0-1%

  • Carbon Dioxide  0-5%

  • Others (Consult Factory)

Analygas® Systems Model Model 43 is a wall mounted gas monitor for use in non-hazardous indoor locations.

It utilizes non-dispersive infrared technology to specifically detect Carbon Dioxide. The central component is an Analygas Systems designed infrared sensor assembly that can be configured to detect up to 100% of the target gas.

Housed in a rugged steel enclosure, the Model 43 is easily installed on vertical surfaces.

Air being sampled, enters through a fitting at the bottom of the unit, diffuses through the sensor and is exhausted at the top.

The signal output is a linear function of gas concentration. Because of its simplicity and versatility, the Model 43 can interface with a computer or other data acquisition system. Alternatively, it can be used in conjunction with Analygas Systems Model 40 or 41 multipoint units.

While ideal for use as an indoor air quality monitor, this low maintenance instrument is equally at home in food processing facilities, bottling plants, breweries, etc.