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Analygas® Systems Model 74 is a single point gas monitor specifically designed to detect Oxygen and can be used for monitoring work areas, remote unattended spaces or as

a process control device.

The Model 74 is suitable for use in wash

down areas in the food and beverage industry.

The Model 74 alerts people to Oxygen deficiency or enrichment in the area being monitored.


It protects against poor breathing air, build up

of combustible situations and product waste due

to incorrect balance in the ambient atmosphere. 


Specific Electrochemical


Oxygen Sensor


Stainless Steel Enclosure

Digital Display

Easy ‘Automatic Calibration’

Visual and Audible Alarms 

Analygas® Systems Model 74 is a wall mounted gas monitor for use in

non-hazardous indoor locations and housed in a rugged stainless steel enclosure

that meets industry standard NEMA 4X.


It offers a high degree of protection against dirt, corrosion and liquid ingress and is suitable for use in wash down locations.

The Model 74 features an electrochemical sensor which specifically detects Oxygen

and minimizes the chance of false alarms from interfering gases or vapours.

The Model 74 can be configured in sample drawing or diffusion formats. Filters, flow meter and pressure sensors are included

to ensure correct flow conditions. 


Electrochemical Sensor

􏰀Single Sensing Point 􏰀

Digital Display

􏰀120V or 240V Input,15V A 􏰀

4-20mA or 0-1V Output 􏰀


3 Output Relays 􏰀


Operating Temperature

-20oC to 40oC

-4oF to 104oF 

The front panel has an acrylic viewing window, behind which is a Vacuum Fluorescent digital display plus power and alarm status LED's.

A keypad assembly allows selection and adjustment of many on-board features.

The Model 74 can be configured to alarm when there is Oxygen deficiency, excess or both.


During routine calibration, the instrument detects the presence of calibration gas and enters its AUTO-CAL procedure, prompting easy to follow instructions on the display. 

(consult factory)
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