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Analygas® Systems Model 45 is a combustible gas monitor that supplies a 4-20mA signal proportional to the gas concentration.


It is used in conjunction with our Model 30,

40 or 41 multipoint readout units.

Alternatively, it can be interfaced with a computer or other data acquisition system.

The Model 45 protects property from potential fire and explosion.


Catalytic pellistor bead sensor


Rugged explosion proof enclosure

Class I, ABCD

Class II, EFG


4-20mA or 0-1V Output


24VAC Input


4-20mA Output


Resolution: 1% of Full Scale


Response Time: To 90% Of Full Scale In Less Than 10 Seconds


Operating Temperature:

-40°C to 40°C


Typical Sensor Life: 5 Years

Analygas® Systems Model 45 is a wall mounted

gas monitor which utilizes catalytic pellistor technology to detect combustible gases.


The Model 45 can measure gas concentrations

up to 100% LEL.


The signal output is a linear function of gas concentration. The standard 4-20mA output

format will interface with almost any data

acquisition and control unit.

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